The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx – Free PDF Download


No work of literature has been responsible for more death, destruction, and general human misery in the modern era than this pile of filth written by the lazy, boil-covered, pseudo-intellectual Jew Karl Marx and edited by his wealthy industrialist benefactor Friedrich Engels.

Having trouble making the grade at your liberal arts college? Just purchase a paperback version of this trash and carry it around campus. Your professors will take note and recognize you as a “fellow traveler” and you will see an immediate improvement in your grades no matter how lazy your academic efforts may be.

While I truly detest this garbage, I feel like it is important for folks who carry on the struggle against our society’s creeping Marxism to know what they are up against.

Know thy enemy…..

Click Here for a free pdf download of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

3 thoughts on “The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx – Free PDF Download

  1. Angry Anglo,
    I stumbled into your treasure trove of PDFs via a search for E. Michael Jones “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”. I downloaded said-book as well as 10 others. I feel blessed and lucky as hell to have found your site and imagine the clock is ticking – I guess you are on borrowed time, flying under the lazy, boil-covered ADL radar for now, perhaps?? Oy vey! Thank you for your service in providing such important, critical, essential reads for any self-respecting white Christian of European decent on his or her journey in learning true history, as we were denied this right by our hijacked and paid-off public and parochial school systems.
    If I may ask, of your variety here, do you have a list of favorites as far as recommending what you believe to be critical for beginners to read for basic knowledge to start off with/get feet wet with for those recently “red-pilled”? I will be sharing these treasures with a couple who are under a deeper spell and hoping to not overwhelm them. I guess something like a top 5 or top 10 list of most critically relevant? I am familiar with all but about 5 or so titles and not sure where to start. Thinking I may want to start with something a tad shorter than 1300 pages Jewish Revolutionary, though I’m sure every page will be worth it coming from Dr. Jones, whom I consider to be a “sleeper” hit – kinda like yourself!
    Thank you again for your efforts, in this crazy, f***ed up time we find ourselves unfortunately living in. To think of my looking back years from now, remembering my being able to download these titles to my desktop – how LUCKY I am to even find these NOW! God bless you and best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy 2018 – here’s hoping we don’t find the duct tape has been swapped out for crazy glue.
    Danielle F Marin


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