Behold a Pale Horse – William Cooper – Free PDF Download


Before Alex Jones, the undisputed King of The Conspiracy Theory was William Milton “Bill” Cooper. In the dark ages known as the pre-YouTube and social media era, Bill was blasting out warnings of a “one world, totalitarian, socialist government” and screaming about a techno-police surveillance state on shortwave radio. His radio program, The Hour of The Time (which had the coolest intro ever) has been archived HERE. 

The man also eerily predicted the attacks of 9/11 and was assassinated by the US government for the capital crime of tax evasion less than two months later.

It is my personal view that Cooper was a little off kilter, and some of his claims were obviously false, but many were completely spot on. I recommend not throwing out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to his works.

Behold a Pale Horse was Bill’s seminal work. Click Here for the free pdf download

3 thoughts on “Behold a Pale Horse – William Cooper – Free PDF Download

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  2. Hiya my name is Tony day,I fortunate to have a copy of the book, excellent read,I lack the pull out of the royal family it didn’t come with the book, could you help,how do I get hold of the pull out, thanks.


  3. I realize that it is hard to tell the difference until you study Cooper’s works like his Mystery Babylon series and understand the extensive background and research he pooled his broadcasts with, that there is no comparison of his work with the cult created replacement called “the infowar.” My jaw dropped when I heard him claim and informant told him he was to be call “the infowar.” My jaw dropped when jones claimed he was bad, he had killed 10 of this babies. My jaw dropped less and less… Feb. 28th ending googles banning of his youtube videos, Jones really showed a sign of shifting to the wicked, claiming “90% of you are going to be dead when they are all done.”
    He hides the gang-stalking, the cellular prison-grid, and their connection with the covert brainchipping program. He made an allusion to the wicked jumping into the profane like The Matrix’s Mr. Smith in March. April 2nd he says this “ they are already soulless so it doesn’t matter. You hack one head off… the spirit, like, came out of the possessed man of the pigs. It will just race into the next zombie. They have an unlimited army of husk ready to be avatar-ed right now.”
    Which is very close to how the central command used the control-grid to remote control any to the covertly brainchipped Targets.
    Alex Jones knows Infowars’ job is to distract the populous into his stories that result in no public action until there is such an abundance of covert brainchipped patsies throughout america that the army of husks are unlimited for causing chaos amoungst the oblivious. This is another reason why 5G is being implemented, the zombie/assassin communication boxes are mostly hidden. The profane will not know what hit them. Everything will become crazy like the voice of god killing of Tim McLean. Vincent was/is a zombie and I know because the same chip is over my motor cortex, too.

    Jones know all this. He really does, and he preys upon the ignorant. He played his role as Cooper’s replacement so well that the cult was going to cut him off, but on Feb. 28th he pleaded his way back to his new boundaries. They constrained his program and he began to flip.
    Jones is no conspiracy theorist, he has to tell the public the facts if saying anything… before Feb. 28th, that is. Jones has likely turned as he recently said that “Infowars has served it’s purpose and the rest is just gravy!” The brainchipped attacks throughout the world will likely begin soon. Travares pointed out the NASA document that called these zombie/assassins “binary-biologicals.” (you should get this warning word out.)
    Cooper and Jones?, they are the complete opposites. Cooper had to filter through the lies all by himself, while Jones was informed as to what were the lies and what were the truths. His acting training a Hollywood really paid off for the cult, wouldn’t you agree?


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