Black is Beautiful, Communism is Not – Yuri Bezmenov – Free PDF Download


It’s insane to think that this man – KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov AKA: Thomas Schuman – warned us about virtually every societal ill we here in the United States are currently suffering from way back in the mid-1980’s. His predictions about the future of America ended up being horrifyingly accurate, and he has experienced a new resurgence in popularity with the youth of today – many of whom are seeing right through their leftist indoctrination thanks to his works.

Thirty years ago, when Mr. Bezmenov traveled America speaking at churches and VFW’s, he hardly made a splash. His video appearances were limited to spots on the 700 Club, an interview conducted by G. Edward Griffin, and a seminar at an unidentified church that were distributed via videocassette by John Birchers and other hardcore anti-communists. Apparently no one took him seriously, as his warnings about leftist subversion went unheeded, leaving us to rot in the current Cultural Marxist hell hole in which we now reside.

This book – titled Black is Beautiful, Communism is Not, is especially noteworthy at the time of this post. Here Mr. Bezmenov expounds on how communists have traditionally used violence stoked by racial tensions in order to further their Marxist ideology. Given the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, this book is more important today than ever before. A quick glance at the Black Lives Matter website is proof positive that this “movement” is just the same old recycled Marxist gibberish these communists have been using for ages.

I highly recommend this book and all other works by the late Mr. Bezmenov, all of which have now been posted. Click here for his complete collection of 4 books. Mr. Bezmenov’s works are important and he deserves to be honored as a true American Hero and Patriot.

Click Here for a free pdf download of Black is Beautiful, Communism is Not by Yuri Bezmenov (AKA: Thomas Schuman)

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