Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – Free PDF Download


This document was allegedly found in a Xerox machine purchased at a government surplus sale at McChord Air Force Base in 1986. Many claim the work to be a “hoax”, and speculation as to its author have ranged from Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski to the late anarcho-libertarian Murray Rothbard. US federal prison inmate Hartford Van Dyke claimed to have been the document’s author in a letter to Paranoia Magazine in December of 2003.

“Hoax” or not, the document makes for interesting reading, as it lays out step-by-step a plan to conquer the world through propaganda, currency devaluation, economic shock and constant warfare. William Cooper also published the document in his book Behold a Pale Horse

Click Here for a free pdf download of Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – author unknown

2 thoughts on “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – Free PDF Download

  1. I have worked with a number of conservative groups and pro-white groups. They all failed because they refused to follow the dictums of the Organizational Weapon. I remain a right wing,white-identity, populist and revolutionary activist of the right. I have tried to start several blogs offering useful info and training, but the blogs owners always shut me down when I got into my pitch. Do you know of a blog sponsor that will not shut down a populist blog? (PS I have read all of the books you offer free and I was once a young”technician” for Depugh in Missouri.)


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