The IRA Green Book – Handbook and Notes on Guerrilla Warfare – Free PDF Download


This version of the The IRA Greenbook – AKA: Handbook For Volunteers of The Irish Republican Army: Notes on Guerrilla Warfare – was published in 1956 before the Provisional IRA (“Provos”) broke away from their older, less violent comrades and began a brutal 30 year conflict with the British government in Northern Ireland.

While no doubt bloodthirsty, baby-killing, savages, the Provisional IRA managed to wage a surprisingly effective”armed struggle” in an attempt to gain more political influence for the Catholic minority of Ulster and to reunite The Six Counties with the Irish Republic; succeeding in the former and failing in the latter.

The amount of sophistication observed in the IRA command and control structure, as well as their “engineering expertise” will continue to be studied by military and political strategists for decades to come. The “Armalite and Ballot Box” strategy proved to be formidable even when pitted against a modern military power like Great Britain. This book is a must have on the topic of guerrilla/insurgent warfare.

Click Here for a free .pdf download of The IRA Handbook

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