The Short-Timers – Gustav Hasford – Free PDF Download


This book by Alabama author and USMC veteran Gustav Hasford later became the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s classic Vietnam War film Full Metal Jacket.

Hasford was quite an interesting character. He was a proud Southerner and drunken brawler who was once charged with “the largest theft of library books in the history of Library Science”. Hasford traveled cross country “borrowing” books and historical documents from a slew of public libraries and universities under the auspices of “research”. By the time he was apprehended, he had amassed enough literary loot to completely fill a large storage unit.

This book – a semi-autobiographical account of Hasford’s time spent in “The ‘Nam” – is both shockingly brutal and laugh out loud hilarious. Join Private Joker (Hasford) and his merry band of cohorts Cowboy, Handjob, and Animal Mother, as they attempt to wrestle away Hue City from the grips of the communist Viet Cong and NVA troops – just make sure you can hack it.

Click Here for a free .pdf download of The Short-Timers by Gustav Hasford

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