This blog is basically a depository for books and literature considered “controversial” – each of which I will comment on while making the source material available to others.

I also wanted to make this site as a form of “digital protest” against the current wave of censorship we are now witnessing across the globe and particularly the Western World. While we here in the US enjoy the protection of the 1st Amendment, the average global citizen does not. There is a war being waged right now in regards to the First Amendment of The United States Constitution – particularly in our colleges and universities which have been slowly overrun with openly Marxist professors beginning in the 1960’s. This is why I find it important to catalog and critique these works.

Due to the nearly complete left-wing control of what is now considered “acceptable” – or in some cases even legal – many of these works will be considered controversial in some way or another. It’s a well known fact that people will always want to get a hold of things that are considered “forbidden”, and hopefully this blog can fill that need.

These books will all be available in free .pdf download format. Just click the link and save. I profit in no way from any of these works and this site is set up purely for ideological reasons related Free Speech/The 1st Amendment issues.

While .pdf files and other forms of digital literature is quite convenient here in this Brave New World, it never hurts to have a “dead tree” copy, as well. Make sure to browse your local thrift and used book stores and snatch up older books from the pre-PC era – particularly history books. You’ll be surprised at a lot of the information listed therein.

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