The Camp of The Saints – Jean Raspail – Free PDF Download


Very few books can be described as “prophetic”, but a case could be made for George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 as one work of fiction that has seemingly crossed over into our plane of existence. With the current “Syrian Refugee Crisis” – an event that is basically the Moral Imperialism of a childless, leftist, East German, hag named Merkel – Jean Raspail’s The Camp of The Saints has now achieved “1984-Level” insanity.

What 1984 is to the leftist, police/surveillance state, The Camp of The Saints is to modern immigration. This book lays out the endgame for the Islamic takeover of Europe, made possible by the suicidal altruism of the progressive left. Witness what happens when the leftist self-loathing for the society their forefathers created finally reaches it’s chaotic and destructive zenith. At the date of this writing, you would be hard pressed to put this book down, then turn on world news and be able to tell the difference.

First published in France in 1973, the book describes how the huddled and unwashed masses – in an unprecedented wave of 3rd World immigration – burst forth into Europe like vomit through the bottom of a wet paper bag.

This book is so accurate in regards to the current “cultural enrichment” going on in Europe that it’s actually quite disturbing. This thing blows right past just plain “spooky”. It’s genuinely frightening and uncomfortable to read.

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Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors – Rex Feral – Free PDF Download


Some dumb negro took this book seriously and claimed to have used the information contained herein to commit a triple homicide back in 1993. The families of the victims then sued the publisher Paladin Press and forced them to cease publication and destroy all remaining copies. That court case is about as stupid as the idea Hillary Clinton has for letting homicide victims families sue gun manufacturers.

The author – who went by the pen name “Rex Feral” – wasn’t some shady mafia guy or a former special ops Green Beret. Turned out, SHE was a Florida housewife who had just condensed a bunch of information she had presumably learned from watching TV and films and reading copies of her old man’s ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazines.

Why do negroes have to fuck shit up for everyone else? They take gun store commando fan fiction seriously and get ‘Hit Man’ banned, and they slaughter each other by the bushel basket in the inner cities which cause US gun violence statistics to look like they are on par with Somalia or Brazil. This causes screeching liberal politicians to pitch a hissy fit calling for more gun control. I really don’t enjoy giving up my rights because Section 8 thugs can’t stop shooting each other.

Dammit…. Get your shit together, Tyrone.

Anyway, standard DISCLAIMER that I do not condone any illegal activities, and that this book is merely a work of fiction intended for entertainment purposes ONLY.

Click Here for a free pdf download of Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors by Rex Feral