French Foreign Legion Paratrooper Combat Manual – Free PDF Download


Although France can be a pretty faggy country, there happens to be one particular aspect of their martial culture that has always fascinated me – The French Foreign Legion.

While the French people and their government are currently obsessed with turning their capital into Botswana and breeding out their entire indigenous population with Africans and Muslims, the Foreign Legion remains a pretty bad ass military institution. Unlike the increasingly degenerate gay and transvestite US military, the FFL doesn’t allow women to serve, encourages tattoos (as long as they are not “stupid”), and will beat the ever-loving shit out of you for being lazy or failing to learn the French language fast enough.

While many join the US military hoping to see combat and “get some” and never actually do, a five year contract with the Legion virtually guarantees some sort of combat engagement during the course of your enlistment. While France has the rightful reputation as the worldwide leader in faggotry, they actually have a fair amount of former colonial interests and other overseas assets in really shitty areas of the world which they are willing to deploy a hired band of foreign killers to protect.

I am not quite certain when this combat manual was published, but it was definitely after the Legion’s intervention in Zaire to protect the lives of European citizens from roving bands of machete-wielding African savages and before the current PC craze took over – as evidenced by this passage from one of the early pages that describes the FFL’s 2nd Rep:

Certainly the most famous of such units is the legendary Foreign Legion 2nd REP. This unit has distinguished itself particularly in its intervention in Shaba province, Zaire, to protect the white population against waves of xenophobic anti-white hatred connected with a series of insurrections.

Don’t let the section posted above fool you – this book is more about weapons and tactics and less about the history of the French Foreign Legion. There are several good documentaries on them currently on YouTube that I will post below for those interested:

Again, this is a military manual, not some adventurous work of fiction or even non-fiction. If you dig that sort of thing, then click here for a free .pdf download of French Foreign Legion Paratrooper Combat Manual 

Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti – Hesketh Prichard – Free PDF Download


A “Renaissance Man” in the truest sense, Hesketh Prichard was an explorer, adventurer, big-game hunter, and soldier who modernized British sniper tactics during the First World War.

One of his expeditions was to the island nation of Haiti, where he documented his observations of the black republic in his book titled Where Black Rules White: A journey across and about Hayti, published in 1900.

As you can probably guess, Haiti was as big a shit hole in 1900 as it is at the time of this writing. Prichard marveled at the fact that the Haitians had been gifted with a ready-made society complete with government and infrastructure, and yet had still managed to screw it up beyond all recognition.

After establishing their country following a slave revolt (during which they raped and killed all the white French) the Haitians soon found out they weren’t so good at running a country. They decided to remedy this by inviting the French back – then promptly raped and killed them all again.

Since then, the United States Marine Corps has intervened in Haiti no less than 3 times – to both restore order and build schools, hospitals, roads, and other public works projects – yet the country remains a 3rd world wasteland of poverty, disease, and backward superstition. If viewed via satellite imagery, you can actually see the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic from space. The Haitian side appears to be a huge swath of deforested red dirt, while their Dominican neighbor’s land remains lush and green.

Haiti suffers from a phenomenon known as “Brain Drain” – meaning that anyone with any sense about them checked out long ago, leaving a society rife with borderline retards who breed uncontrollably and infect themselves with AIDS in the process.

While Prichard’s book is an obviously predictable tale, it’s still a good read that reinforces the glaringly obvious fact that some people just weren’t made to govern themselves.

Click here for a free .pdf download of Where Black Rules White: A journey across and about Hayti, by Hesketh Prichard

Counter-Insurgency Warfare – Theory and Practice – David Galula – Free PDF Download


Written by French military officer David Galula, this book is the summary of his experiences with civil wars, revolutions, insurgencies, and counter-insurgencies in places like Indochina, Algeria, China, and Greece.

Joke all you like about the French, but much can be learned from their experiences in their former colonial territories. Before they became overrun with leftists and pacifists who sabotaged their war efforts on the home front, they were considered quite adept and bloodthirsty in regards to maintaining an iron grip on their interests overseas.

Click here for a free .pdf download of Counter-Insurgency Warfare – Theory and Practice by David Galula

The Camp of The Saints – Jean Raspail – Free PDF Download


Very few books can be described as “prophetic”, but a case could be made for George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 as one work of fiction that has seemingly crossed over into our plane of existence. With the current “Syrian Refugee Crisis” – an event that is basically the Moral Imperialism of a childless, leftist, East German, hag named Merkel – Jean Raspail’s The Camp of The Saints has now achieved “1984-Level” insanity.

What 1984 is to the leftist, police/surveillance state, The Camp of The Saints is to modern immigration. This book lays out the endgame for the Islamic takeover of Europe, made possible by the suicidal altruism of the progressive left. Witness what happens when the leftist self-loathing for the society their forefathers created finally reaches it’s chaotic and destructive zenith. At the date of this writing, you would be hard pressed to put this book down, then turn on world news and be able to tell the difference.

First published in France in 1973, the book describes how the huddled and unwashed masses – in an unprecedented wave of 3rd World immigration – burst forth into Europe like vomit through the bottom of a wet paper bag.

This book is so accurate in regards to the current “cultural enrichment” going on in Europe that it’s actually quite disturbing. This thing blows right past just plain “spooky”. It’s genuinely frightening and uncomfortable to read.

Click Here for a free .pdf download of The Camp of The Saints by Jean Raspail